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Two Operating Modes

Published on 19 October 2013

Two operating modes of magnetodynamic WPT are considered: the continuously rotating mode offering a high power density solution, and the resonant mode enabling mid-range power transfer:

  • - In the continuous mode, the magnet is guided in rotation and rotates 360° around its axis. This mode provides a high power density solution for close-range transfer.
  • - In the resonant mode, the magnet is combined to a high-Q suspension (e.g. torsion spring) and oscillates around an equilibrium position. This mode provides a lower power density solution but enables mid-range transmission.



These two modes differ also on some other practical aspects. For example, the continuous mode has more degrees of freedom in orientation, a larger bandwidth and its design is more compact. However, in this mode, the transmitter current has to ramp up from a low frequency to the operation frequency in order to start.


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