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Low-Frequency WPT

Published on 19 October 2013

The specificity of the magnetodynamic WPT technology is its low frequency of operation, which is typically less than 1 kHz. Low-frequency WPT technologies have the advantages of being:

  • - safe around humans and in presence of metallic objects, allowing transfer in everyday environments,
  • - possible through conducting media, allowing transfer in isolated environments.



Low-frequency time-varying magnetic fields dissipate very little energy in human tissues, allowing higher field amplitude than for their high-frequency counterparts. This makes low-frequency WPT suitable for safely charging wearables or biomedical implants for instance.

Moreover, low-frequency fields create very low Eddy currents and dissipate limited energy in metallic objects, contrary to high-frequency solutions. This eliminates the risk of fire hazard found in high-frequency technologies such as the ones using the Qi protocol requiring the system to stop if nearby conducting objects are detected. Also, low-frequency magnetic fields are less impeded by conductive media, which is suitable for charging systems through metal walls or in seawater.

Finally, low-frequency WPT technologies create very few electromagnetic interferences, which is an advantage for critical systems.

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