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Applications and Industries

Published on 19 October 2013

The characteristics of low-frequency WPT makes the magnetodynamic WPT technology relevant for some specific applications. The through-metal and subsea WPT capabilities make it interesting for industrial, scientific and military interests. The fact that the technology is safe around human makes it attractive for biomedical applications and for the wearable market. Besides, the magnetodynamic WPT is also interesting for mid-range charging of distributed systems using high-Q resonant receivers.


Envisioned applications of through-metal and subsea WPT are for charging autonomous systems (pipe inspection robots, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), rescue robots…) or for charging isolated/confined systems (sensor systems in industrial process tanks, silos…).


Creative Commons License This picture is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Picture of autonomous underwater vehicle from StifynTonna (2000). Picture of food processing vessel from Kgbo (2013). Modifications: pictures were assembled and text was overlaid.


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